How to Beat Bloat

Bloating sucks. Whether its after a long day, a sodium filled meal, or it’s that time of the month, here is a list of some things you can do to get rid of it.

1.Probiotics (pills, kombucha, yogurt)

Probiotics help digestion. Kombucha is delicious and will help your tummy stay flat all day long. Soy, coconut, or regular yogurt also contain probiotics and can be a great way to start the day in order to avoid bloat.


2. Pineapple

Pineapple is full of the enzyme bromelain. It helps break down protein and helps digestion, which can help you be less bloated.

3. Peppermint and licorice tea

Peppermint is amazing for digestion as well, and so is licorice. The hot water will also get everything in your stomach moving and help move the heavy food sitting in your stomach.


4. Go for a walk

A 15 minute walk with some good music or a friend can be fun, beneficial for your health, AND beat bloat. I personally go for a walk 10 minutes after dinner regardless of if I feel bloated or not!

5. Hot water with lemon and honey

Probably the most common thing you’ll see on this list, and fairly self explanatory.

Go get it ladies! Keep that tummy flat round the clock! If you have any other things to add to the list that worked for you personally please add them in the comment section!

Karrueche Workout

I already made a Karrueche diet guide, and I promised a whole series, so… here is the second installation of the Karrueche guides.


Karrueche has been very vocal about her body transformation. She has posted progress photos and talked about it in many interviews. Her goal was to gain weight in her butt and thighs and to tone up her abs.


In order to gain thigh muscle and butt muscle Karrueche lifts weights! Weighted squats, squat jumps, machines, running, and yoga are how she gets her body looking so great!

Here is a Karrueche inspired workout that you can take to the gym:

10 inverted leg presses (with as much weight as possible – I do 200 lbs, you can do 50+) – 3x

25 Donkey Kicks (with resistance band) – 2x each side

5 minutes of jump robe

25 squat jumps – 3x

20 lunges holding 10 lbs in each hand – 2x

30 second sprints (on the treadmill) -5x

Please warm up and cool down and take care of your body after! Make sure you snack before and eat a meal after!


Karrueche’s Diet

Okay, so as requested, I’m going to do a Karrueche series. I’ve done Alexis Ren diet guides, skin care, and fashion and I’m going to do the same with Karrueche! (So stay tuned) I’ve also posted (just) diet guides for Gigi Hadid, Kylie Jenner, Margot Robbie, and Savannah Montano. In my opinion Karrueche is one of the most beautiful women in the spot light right now, I think her body is gorgeous, and from what I’ve seen online she also seems like a lovely person (plus dat flawless skin !!!). I would consider myself a fan for sure! So let’s get into her diet for now…

Karrueche Tran is all smiles in Miami

Okay, so overall from what I’ve gathered about her diet, the guidelines are:

  • No fast food (for the most part)
  • Lots of water and tea
  • No soda or sugary drinks
  • Lots of fruit
  • Eat balanced meals including veggies, a starch/carb, and a protein
  • Snacks: Smoothies
  • When indulging, indulge in low sugar meals

If you follow her on instagram you can see her posting her (balanced) meals and she’s even posted a selfie with a nightstand covered in empty water bottles (stay hydrated!).


Karrueche likes to swap empty carbs for veggies, for example, she cooks zoodles (zucchini noodles) instead of regular pasta, and she also subs out unhealthy meat choices for hearty veggies like cauliflower. For example she makes teriyaki cauliflower to go with her meals instead of a heavier option.


Another meal Karrueche loves is TACOS! She actually has two videos about her tacos, one with Kylie Jenner and one on her own with her friends. The recipe is in the first video!



As you can see, her muscles are pretty toned. Since she’s petite, it’s not hard to gain muscle mass. Karrueche does workouts like TRX, boxing, and lifts weights in the gym. Karrueche says she focuses on her “abs and ass” and when she can’t make it to the gym she does squats and sit ups at home.


After a hard workout you can find Karrueche drinking a protein shake or going out for sushi, pho, or chicken and waffles. She is not afraid to eat, and she’s not afraid of sugar, fat, etc. However she works out a lot and picks up healthy habits like drinking lots of water.


In today’s society people have such a funny view of the female body and what’s considered attractive. Big boobs and a big booty are what’s considered sexy. Kylie Jenner body types with thighs that don’t match the (fake) booty, and teeny waists with no muscle tone. This is not how most bodies naturally look though, and I think one of the things that makes Karrueche so hot is that her body is so real. Love your curves, love your thighs, don’t stress if your tummy is straight up and down. That’s what your body looks like and it’s just as beautiful as one that’s had surgery.

Treat Yo Self (organic “good for you” treats)

I love desserts! I love candy, I love ice cream, I love chocolate, I love chocolate covered anything, caramels, cake, pie, cupcakes, milkshake… pretty much any kind of sweet… I love it. As you can tell based off the content on this blog I try to do right by my body, and ingesting anything on the list I just gave you generally is a “no”. Notice how I said generally… because I’ve found ways around my dietary restrictions. These are my go to healthy alternatives to junk food!

  • Surf sweets (sour and regular) fruity bears! – vegan and processed sugar free
    • These gummy bears are amazing little gifts from the lord himself. They make a great pre workout snack/dessert and although there’s a lot of sugar in them, there is also your daily dose of vitamin C and other added vitamins!


  • Justin’s peanut butter cups (dark chocolate) – just like reeses!
    • I am totally in love with reeses and giving them up was like giving up a piece of my childhood, but Justin’s helped to fill that reeses sized hole in my heart (for the most part- not gonna lie – reeses are still better)
  • Coconut Bliss ice cream – mint chip, vanilla, and salted caramel flavors
    • Thick, creamy, sweet, dairy free! Need I say more?


  • Green and Black’s/Endangered Species/Chocolove/Theo dark chocolate bars
    • I love these four brands for a nice dark chocolate bar. I absolutely love chocolate and my favorite kind (by far) is milk/white. However as I’ve decreased the amount of sugar in my diet my tastes have changed and I started eating dark chocolate (and actually enjoying it!) Ease yourself into it with a bar about 60% cocoa and continue to try bars with higher cocoa contents until you find how high you can go while still enjoying the flavor. Dark chocolate aids in weight loss, helps period cramps, and can help you have glowy skin! It’s a win win!
  • Graham Crackers – taste like a cookie… low in sugar and have a couple grams of protein per serving!
    • I know these aren’t organic but they’re one of my fav snacks so I had to include them.



Perfect Ideas for School Lunches

Whether you’re in middle school, high school, college, or a parent packing a lunch for your little one, this post is for you!

What’s the staple for any sack lunch? A sandwich! But your basic ham and cheese can get verrrrry boring after a while so here’s three sandwich recipes to spice up your sack lunch.

  • Peanut butter, banana, honey sandwich (with a twist)
    • Put your creamy peanut butter on your bread (i prefer whole wheat) and sprinkle some cinnamon on it. Next drizzle your honey on top and cover the pb/honey with banana slices. Pop your other bread slice on top and voila!
  • Turkey (or tofurkey – yum), lettuce, avocado, bacon (tofurkey bacon – it’s actually good trust me)
    • Spread your avocado on your bread (i prefer ciabatta) so you don’t need any mayo, then lay your turkey and bacon on your bread. Top it off with a nice crisp slice of lettuce and finish it off with the other slice of bread.
  • Hummus, sliced cucumbers, mixed greens, sliced bell peppers, avocado
    • Spread the hummus on the bottom piece and assemble the veggie on top, simple, quick, and delicious!

A sandwich is great but you’re going to need more to keep you full and energized throughout the day!  My go to trick is packing a zip lock bag of sliced apple and a bag of pretzles with a little container of peanut butter. Then when I want to switch that up I do crackers and carrot sticks with a side of hummus.

Usually one sandwich and one snack a day is no where near enough to keep me going (I eat a lot, I know) So it’s nice to find a granola bar, protein bar, or supplement bar of some sort to throw in with your lunch to give you a little extra energy as well as a treat.

Last but not least, you probably want some kind of drink other than water to enjoy your meal with. Try brewing some tea and adding honey, chilling, and then putting in a water bottle or thermos for a nice beverage to go along with your lunch!


Sex and the City: Guide to the City

I am a huge SATC fan! Being able to live in NYC is amazing because everywhere I go I recognize something from the show! I get giddy sometimes actually… that’s how big of  a fan I am. I’m also inspired by the girls every morning when I pick out my outfit. In this guide I’m going to include actual iconic locations from SATC as well as a few newer places that I think the girls would love and give me strong SATC vibes. (Plus the best places to take SATC themes instagrams and what to wear) So… without further ado…

 Where to eat: 

  • Joe’s Pub – 425 Lafayette St
    •  Seen in season 5 (2002)
    • Carrie went with Stanford to watch Stanford’s boyfriend (Marcus) preform.
  • SushiSamba (West Village) – 87 Seventh Avenue South
    • Seen in over 7 episodes
    • Carrie dines here for lunch in many episodes, this is also the restaurant where Samantha threw a dirty martini in Richard’s face.


  • Blue Water Grill – 31 Union Sq W
    • Episode: Where There’s Smoke (2000)
    • This is the restaurant where Charlotte’s date (her white knight) punches a man for bumping her chair and turns into her “white nightmare”.


  • Eleven Madison Park – 11 Madison Ave
    • Season 3 (2000)
    • Big tells Carrie he’s marrying Natasha while dining here.
  • ABC Kitchen – 35 E 18th St
    • Season 3 (2000)
    • Charlotte, Trey, and Bunny (Trey’s mother) dine here in season 3.

Where to Instagram: 

  • The Brooklyn Bridge – Seen in SATC Movie 1
    • If you’re visiting New York in the summer, try walking the Brooklyn Bridge at midnight – bonus points if you bring you significant other and make it a romantic walk. However you don’t have to walk at midnight to have an amazing experience. The Brooklyn Bridge is a great walk and great time any season or time of day.


  • Carrie’s Apartment – 66 Perry St
    • If you want to take a cute picture that will make most of your girlfriends squeal with jealousy, a pic in front of Carries apartment (maybe try wearing her classic tutu dress too) will do just that!


  • Tiffany and Co – 727 Fifth Ave
    • Simply iconic.
  • New York Public Library – 476 5th Ave
    • Any sex and the city fan knows Carrie almost married big at the Public Library. The iconic pillars, the white marble… there’s not much else to say.


Where to Shop: 

  • Manolo Blahnik Store – 31 West 54st St
    • Carrie’s shoe collection is predominately made up of Manolo Blahniks and the brand is mentioned nearly every episode. The other girls also love and wear the shoes in many episodes.


  • Bergdorf Goodman – 745 Fifth Ave
    • Pretty self explanatory.
  • Barney’s – 660 Madison Ave
    • Again, pretty self explanatory.

What to wear:

  • On a sunny day –
    • Straightened pony tail
    • Oversized black sunglasses
    • White or light pink tank top (tucked)
    • Pastel mini skirt
    • White or metallic flats/strappy sandals
  • On a rainy day –
    • Low, loose bun
    • Short body con dress (beige, black, or navy)
    • Trench coat (beige, black, or navy)
    • Knee high boots (beige, black, or navy)
  • On a cloudy day –
    • Curly, wild hair
    • Lingerie slip dress
    • Long fur coat
    • Printed scarf (optional)
    • Black pumps
  • On a warm night out –
    • Straightened hair
    • Flowy printed dress
    • Open-toed pumps
  • On a cold night out –
    • On the scalp braids (2)
    • Tight, long sleeved sweater (neutral colored)
    • Black leggings
    • Long coat
    • Leather or black boots

As a little bonus… I’ll include my 5 favorite outfits from SATC

  1. Carrie’s Fur Coat – Iconic, beautiful, and very New York. Find one like it at a consignment or thrift store


2. Oversized Sunglasses and the Carrie Necklace – this isn’t an outfit but it’s my two favorite accessories that Carrie wears on the show

3. Samantha’s Blue Ensemble – Truly only an outfit Samantha could pull off


4. All of Carrie’s Colorful Flowy Dresses – Self explanatory


5. Charlottes Elizabeth Taylor Look – Adorable, elegant, clean, Charlotte.



Alexis Ren Diet Guide pt 2

I have made posts on Alexis and other celebrities diets, but I have gotten about a million messages, comments, and requests for more info on Alexis… so here you guys go!

One of the main questions I get is… does Alexis eat flour? (i.e tortillas, pasta, bread) Okay, so she has said she does not eat bread on her tumblr, however she said nothing about flour or gluten, so the answer is… maybe? But I would just like to add that eating some flour isn’t the end of the world, it can be healthy to eat tortillas or bread so just try to eat organic and don’t stress.


Another popular question I get is “what is Alexis’ go to meal?” Well just judging by what I’ve seen on all of her social media I would say an acai bowl.

Here is an Alexis Inspired Acai Bowl Recipe:

  • Base:
    • 2 Acai packets
    • 1 Frozen banana
    • 1/2 cup Frozen blueberries
    • 5-10 Fresh strawberries
    • 1/2 cup Pineapple Juice
  • Topping:
    • Chia/Hemp granola
    • Shredded coconut
    • Sliced strawberry
    • Sliced banana

Screen Shot 2016-04-07 at 8.56.12 AM

Alexis’ loves vegan protein and smoothies so here is an Alexis inspired post workout smoothie

  • 1 Frozen Banana
  • Half an Avocado
  • 1 Mango
  • 1 Handful of Spinach
  • 1 Vegan Protein Scoop

If you guys have any more pressing questions about the guide or would like any other recipes, you can request that in the comments, or buy my meal plan here.