Jeans That Actually Fit Your Athletic Legs and Waist: Barbell Jeans

Let me just say god bless Barbell Jeans. These jeans not only were extremely comfortable but they also made my legs and butt look amazing. I was lucky enough to get a pair of dark wash athletic jeans last week and let me just tell you why you should get some too.

  • They make your waist look tiny
  • They accentuate and hug your hips, butt, and thighs in the perfect way
  • The material is SO nice
  • The dark wash (only color I have) was such a pretty color
  • (Last but not least) They fit an athletic body!

I’ve gotten so tired of trying on jeans that fit my thighs then leave a huge space around my waist, or jeans that I can’t pull them over my butt/thighs. These jeans are honestly a miracle. So my lovely readers, I highly recommend you go buy a pair (or 2). Here is a link!

Anyways, happy shopping… and don’t forget to send me pics in your new jeans/comment and tell me how much you love them too!