DIY Weight Loss Tea

I’m sure you’ve seen boo tea, lyfe tea, skinny tea, and alllll those brands that basically sell the exact same product and do all their advertising via Kylie Jenner’s instagram… and I’m sure some of you have been tempted by the photos and testimonials online to buy some of it. But I’m sure if you’ve ever bought and used those teas you probably noticed they don’t do anything. So I’m going to share my secret little recipe for getting rid of bloating, helping me clean out my stomach, digest my food better, and give me a boost of vitamins.

First boil some water, you’ll want about 12-18 oz for your tea –

Slice a lime into wedges and use half of the lime to steep in the hot water. Next add a sprinkle of cayenne pepper (as much as you can handle), lastly let a spoon of honey dissolve in the hot water. Stir and steep the tea, for five minutes and enjoy while it’s still warm.


Lime juice is energizing, full of vitamin c, and when mixed with the hot water will help your digestion.

This is my secret morning trick and I feel less bloated right after every glass Рtry it out and let me know how it is!

Moving to NYC – 10 Tips

I just moved to New York (two months ago… sorry for the lack of posts it’s been a busy two months). When I got here I was scared, cold (very cold!!), and all alone. I’d never been to NYC before and I’d only been to the East Coast twice in my entire life but I knew if I didn’t leave the west coast this year I never would… so I packed my stuff and hit the road. Moving to a new place is scary no matter who you know or how much money you have. Especially NYC. Just know that you will get lost in SoHo at eleven pm in the below freezing weather and not be able to do anything but take that 20 dollar taxi ride home. It’s ok and you’ll figure it out next time! (also hopefully you will remember to charge your phone next time).


You’ll also want to go home at least 10 times your first week. But don’t worry, once you figure out your subway lines and find the perfect room to rent you’ll never dream of living anywhere else.

Tip 1

  • Don’t worry about your gym/healthy eating routine for the first month.
    • Now i’m not saying throw your diet to the wind and binge on all the delicious New York food, but let yourself eat some of the wonderful (convenient) food in New York. Cooking is time consuming and carrying groceries home isn’t the same in NY as it is everywhere else. You’ll be able to adjust to cooking at home, finding reasonably priced grocery stores, and figure out how to keep your list to a minimum so you can carry it all, however that will take time. Same with a gym membership. So relax, eat when you’re hungry, until you’re satiated, and know that all the walking and stair climbing you do is work out enough for now.

Tip 2

  • Do figure out the Subway.
    • It can be a tricky beast… I’ve been here two months and I still apple map every stop… but I’ve figured out how to get pretty much everywhere and anywhere via subway (with the help of my phone) and now I travel like a true New Yorker.

Tip 3

  • Don’t drink too much!
    • This applies to water and alcohol. For the water… public restrooms can be super hard to find sometimes and I know you’re chugging water bottles all day and that’s great, but it won’t matter how clear your skin looks if you pee your pants in public. As for alcohol, it’s EXPENSIVE here. The bars and clubs are like no other in NYC, but you need to be careful because not only is getting a little too wild in a busy area you don’t know well kind of dangerous but it’s also going to be pricey.

Tip 4

  • Do get roommates.
    • This may not be an optional thing for most, but if you can afford your own place… you may want to reconsider. Roommates are the fastest way to make social connections and friends. Also you’ll save some money so that’s never a bad thing.

Tip 5

  • Don’t only carry your credit card.
    • Tons of places in NYC are cash only and you don’t want to get stuck three plates of food into a meal with no way to pay.

Tip 6

  • Do find your people.
    • It may sound odd because NYC is one of the most densely populated places in the US, but it’s the easiest place to be get lonely. Make friends at your job, make friends at the grocery store, make friends at the bar… you’ll be grateful when its below freezing, cloudy, and you’re not feeling so great and your new friend gives you a call and invites you to an awesome cafe.

Tip 7

  • Don’t go home the second you feel homesick
    • NYC is hard, and lonely, and you’ll find yourself missing home. Whether it’s your car, or being able to walk down the street without jumping out of your skin when a taxi thinks right in your ear… ¬†you’ll miss home. Dom’t leave! You’ll grow to love the city and one day you’ll think about how you could ever live anywhere else.





Liquiteria Apple Crisp Smoothie

So I was pretty much freezing before, during, and after drinking this smoothie so I don’t think I got the full experience, but what I did experience was pretty great! It was a cold afternoon in the east village. I got off at the Broadway-Lafayette stop on the M train and headed over to Ave B and 12th (at least I think that’s where I went who really knows). I was not prepared for the weather AT ALL as the previous day had actually been quite pleasant, and to say the least… today was not. So I shivered my way to the nail salon and after a 45 minute manicure I decided to grab something to eat. I passed a place called “Guac” and took a little peek at the menu. As I read the words “bacon guacamole with homemade chips” my mouth started watering but my breakfast sandwich was sitting heavy in my stomach and I decided heading back to the Liquiteria I’d seen on the way there would be a much better option.

When I finally got there, my inner fat kid took the reigns when it came to my decision in ordering. Of corse I couldn’t get the “skinny” or the “mean green” smoothie. I had to get the apple crisp one… but needless to say my inner fat kid was not disappointed.


It was delicious and creamy (plus that color!!).

For anyone not lucky enough to be in NYC, I’m going to give ya the recipe.

  • 1 chopped green apple (with peel)
  • splash of real pressed apple juice (the cloudy stuff not the yellow clear stuff)
  • spoonful of almond butter
  • spoonful of coconut oil
  • dash of cinnamon and nutmeg
  • splash of vanilla almond milk
  • spoonful of agave or maple syrup
  • (optional) half a banana

Super yummy, dessert or breakfast substitute!

Enjoy and let me know if you make one in the comments below!