Sex and the City: Guide to the City

I am a huge SATC fan! Being able to live in NYC is amazing because everywhere I go I recognize something from the show! I get giddy sometimes actually… that’s how big of  a fan I am. I’m also inspired by the girls every morning when I pick out my outfit. In this guide I’m going to include actual iconic locations from SATC as well as a few newer places that I think the girls would love and give me strong SATC vibes. (Plus the best places to take SATC themes instagrams and what to wear) So… without further ado…

 Where to eat: 

  • Joe’s Pub – 425 Lafayette St
    •  Seen in season 5 (2002)
    • Carrie went with Stanford to watch Stanford’s boyfriend (Marcus) preform.
  • SushiSamba (West Village) – 87 Seventh Avenue South
    • Seen in over 7 episodes
    • Carrie dines here for lunch in many episodes, this is also the restaurant where Samantha threw a dirty martini in Richard’s face.


  • Blue Water Grill – 31 Union Sq W
    • Episode: Where There’s Smoke (2000)
    • This is the restaurant where Charlotte’s date (her white knight) punches a man for bumping her chair and turns into her “white nightmare”.


  • Eleven Madison Park – 11 Madison Ave
    • Season 3 (2000)
    • Big tells Carrie he’s marrying Natasha while dining here.
  • ABC Kitchen – 35 E 18th St
    • Season 3 (2000)
    • Charlotte, Trey, and Bunny (Trey’s mother) dine here in season 3.

Where to Instagram: 

  • The Brooklyn Bridge – Seen in SATC Movie 1
    • If you’re visiting New York in the summer, try walking the Brooklyn Bridge at midnight – bonus points if you bring you significant other and make it a romantic walk. However you don’t have to walk at midnight to have an amazing experience. The Brooklyn Bridge is a great walk and great time any season or time of day.


  • Carrie’s Apartment – 66 Perry St
    • If you want to take a cute picture that will make most of your girlfriends squeal with jealousy, a pic in front of Carries apartment (maybe try wearing her classic tutu dress too) will do just that!


  • Tiffany and Co – 727 Fifth Ave
    • Simply iconic.
  • New York Public Library – 476 5th Ave
    • Any sex and the city fan knows Carrie almost married big at the Public Library. The iconic pillars, the white marble… there’s not much else to say.


Where to Shop: 

  • Manolo Blahnik Store – 31 West 54st St
    • Carrie’s shoe collection is predominately made up of Manolo Blahniks and the brand is mentioned nearly every episode. The other girls also love and wear the shoes in many episodes.


  • Bergdorf Goodman – 745 Fifth Ave
    • Pretty self explanatory.
  • Barney’s – 660 Madison Ave
    • Again, pretty self explanatory.

What to wear:

  • On a sunny day –
    • Straightened pony tail
    • Oversized black sunglasses
    • White or light pink tank top (tucked)
    • Pastel mini skirt
    • White or metallic flats/strappy sandals
  • On a rainy day –
    • Low, loose bun
    • Short body con dress (beige, black, or navy)
    • Trench coat (beige, black, or navy)
    • Knee high boots (beige, black, or navy)
  • On a cloudy day –
    • Curly, wild hair
    • Lingerie slip dress
    • Long fur coat
    • Printed scarf (optional)
    • Black pumps
  • On a warm night out –
    • Straightened hair
    • Flowy printed dress
    • Open-toed pumps
  • On a cold night out –
    • On the scalp braids (2)
    • Tight, long sleeved sweater (neutral colored)
    • Black leggings
    • Long coat
    • Leather or black boots

As a little bonus… I’ll include my 5 favorite outfits from SATC

  1. Carrie’s Fur Coat – Iconic, beautiful, and very New York. Find one like it at a consignment or thrift store


2. Oversized Sunglasses and the Carrie Necklace – this isn’t an outfit but it’s my two favorite accessories that Carrie wears on the show

3. Samantha’s Blue Ensemble – Truly only an outfit Samantha could pull off


4. All of Carrie’s Colorful Flowy Dresses – Self explanatory


5. Charlottes Elizabeth Taylor Look – Adorable, elegant, clean, Charlotte.




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