Treat Yo Self (organic “good for you” treats)

I love desserts! I love candy, I love ice cream, I love chocolate, I love chocolate covered anything, caramels, cake, pie, cupcakes, milkshake… pretty much any kind of sweet… I love it. As you can tell based off the content on this blog I try to do right by my body, and ingesting anything on the list I just gave you generally is a “no”. Notice how I said generally… because I’ve found ways around my dietary restrictions. These are my go to healthy alternatives to junk food!

  • Surf sweets (sour and regular) fruity bears! – vegan and processed sugar free
    • These gummy bears are amazing little gifts from the lord himself. They make a great pre workout snack/dessert and although there’s a lot of sugar in them, there is also your daily dose of vitamin C and other added vitamins!


  • Justin’s peanut butter cups (dark chocolate) – just like reeses!
    • I am totally in love with reeses and giving them up was like giving up a piece of my childhood, but Justin’s helped to fill that reeses sized hole in my heart (for the most part- not gonna lie – reeses are still better)
  • Coconut Bliss ice cream – mint chip, vanilla, and salted caramel flavors
    • Thick, creamy, sweet, dairy free! Need I say more?


  • Green and Black’s/Endangered Species/Chocolove/Theo dark chocolate bars
    • I love these four brands for a nice dark chocolate bar. I absolutely love chocolate and my favorite kind (by far) is milk/white. However as I’ve decreased the amount of sugar in my diet my tastes have changed and I started eating dark chocolate (and actually enjoying it!) Ease yourself into it with a bar about 60% cocoa and continue to try bars with higher cocoa contents until you find how high you can go while still enjoying the flavor. Dark chocolate aids in weight loss, helps period cramps, and can help you have glowy skin! It’s a win win!
  • Graham Crackers – taste like a cookie… low in sugar and have a couple grams of protein per serving!
    • I know these aren’t organic but they’re one of my fav snacks so I had to include them.




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