Karrueche Workout

I already made a Karrueche diet guide, and I promised a whole series, so… here is the second installation of the Karrueche guides.


Karrueche has been very vocal about her body transformation. She has posted progress photos and talked about it in many interviews. Her goal was to gain weight in her butt and thighs and to tone up her abs.


In order to gain thigh muscle and butt muscle Karrueche lifts weights! Weighted squats, squat jumps, machines, running, and yoga are how she gets her body looking so great!

Here is a Karrueche inspired workout that you can take to the gym:

10 inverted leg presses (with as much weight as possible – I do 200 lbs, you can do 50+) – 3x

25 Donkey Kicks (with resistance band) – 2x each side

5 minutes of jump robe

25 squat jumps – 3x

20 lunges holding 10 lbs in each hand – 2x

30 second sprints (on the treadmill) -5x

Please warm up and cool down and take care of your body after! Make sure you snack before and eat a meal after!



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