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10 thoughts on “About

    1. Hi , I’m a huge fan of your page. I was wondering if you could give advice on alternatives to cravings. I constantly crave pasta and bread and looking for things to stop this


      1. Hey, thank you so much! I’m glad you enjoy it! I do have some alternatives if that’s what you want, like rice noodles, a bowl of oatmeal, or even a salad with a dressing that helps it taste like creamy pasta (sounds impossible but it can be done). But honestly I think you should eat pasta and bread if you crave it. Neither one of those foods is really bad for you. A bowl of pasta with tomato and basil sauce is actually a great post workout meal. You can also eat bread with jam or whatever else you like on it with breakfast or as a snack. Carbs are great fuel for your body and you should eat what makes you happy!


  1. i love your blog a lot could you please make a weight loss meal plan for like three days! I’m kinda confused bc Alexis Ren eats dairy but I though it was bad for you.


    1. Just because she eats it doesn’t mean its good for you! If you are restricting dairy calories they won’t make you fat, but it really isn’t beneficial to your body and why restrict foods when you can eliminate them and eat as much as you want! Everybody is different and eats differently, but humans as a species thrive on a plant based diet and thats what I recommend. I am going to post a three day plan by this weekend btw!!!


  2. I would hope that you know what you’re talking about before spreading misinformation and using people like Alexis Ren to tell people certain things are healthy or unhealthy. Eggs while high in saturated fat and cholesterol aren’t bad for you, if they are from healthy, cage free hens. I don’t eat eggs myself because they are chicken periods, which is gross, but please be careful what you say.


    1. Saturated fat and cholesterol aren’t bad for you? Honey… I don’t really have much to say to that. As for “cage free/healthy” chickens… the eggs still contain the same things I’m really not sure about your logic in that argument, but… okay. Also, I would hope you know what you’re talking about before you make a comment on a post. I have done extensive extensive extensive research on eggs and their affect on the human body. I know what I’m talking about before I broadcast it to thousands of people. I was going to post a ton of links proving my point, but the evidence is out there if you chose to educate yourself. I think it’s great that you don’t eat eggs, ethical, environmentally friendly, and health conscious decision.


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